Young Fast Facts

  • Young has a population of 12,236 (2011 Census) and growing.
  • Young's area 2,693km²
  • National Engineering of Young fabricated the structural steel for the Sydney Olympic Stadium, the Olympic Velodrome and the Olympic Aquatic Centre.
  • Young Shire's Highest Point is Mount Crowther which is 671m
  • Whilst Young doesn’t have a major river system locally grown grapes nurtured by natural rainfall and brilliant sunshine produce multi-award winning wines. Wine grapes have been grown in the district since the 1860’s and Young is part of the Hilltops Wine region.
  • In 1889 Young was the first town in the Southern Hemisphere to connect electricity to homes. Young is also acknowledged as the first to institute a rural school bus system in the state.
  • Young’s first Cherry trees were planted in 1862 and they were the foundation of an industry which has brought Young fame and fortune as the Cherry Capital of Australia.
  • Gold was first discovered at Young (then known as Lambing Flat) in 1860. Young’s goldfields were known as the Burrangong Goldfields and they covered an area of 512km². It was regarded as the richest, most extensive and most populous in the state with 20,000 miners vying for the 14.6 tonnes sent by escort from the fields.