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Harvest time is an important time for the community of Young with hundreds of additional workers coming to the area in order to assist. The majority of workers are needed to pick fruit and help with the sorting & packing in preparation for taking the fruit to market.

Spending the early summer in Young picking is high on many travellers agenda and Young welcomes all who join the community on a temporary basis in order to get the work completed. It is important however for potential harvest workers to do their research prior to coming to the town in order to check that they are coming at the right time, that there will be work and accommodation available for them.

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Main Harvest Crops

Young is the Cherry Capital of Australia but is also known for its Grapes, Citrus, Vegetables, Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Prunes, Apples, Apricots.

Harvest Season
The main picking season in their region usually starts in late October and continue through until late January. The availability of harvest work is dependent on weather
conditions, the size and quality of crops and the number of seasonal workers in the area. There is also a small demand for harvest workers outside these times.

What do you need for Harvest Work?
An Australian Tax File Number, a current Working Visa (visitors to Australia), sensible covered shoes for climbing ladders, sunglasses, sunscreen, long sleeves, hat, all weather clothing (as conditions can change), your own water and lunch daily, your own transport (taxis are the only form of local public transport in our regions).

Helpful Tips

Tax rates will be determined by your circumstance and the current working arrangements. These are collected by the farmer (your employer) and submitted to the Australian Taxation Office. If you fail to provide an Australian Tax File Number (TFN) you will be taxed at the highest rate. More information and a TFN can be obtained from the Australian Taxation Office. Phone 132 861 or visit

Working Visas
If you’re visiting Australia and you wish to work, you’ll need a current Working Visa. These can be obtained from the Department of Immigration & Citizenship. Phone 1800 040 070 or visit

Physical/Personal Fitness
Most harvest jobs require a reasonable level of physical fitness as jobs can involve climbing ladders, standing, kneeling or sitting while moving through the crop. Harvest work may be repetitious and tiring and can involve heavy and/or regular lifting

Arriving on Time for the Season
Arriving in the area at the right time is extremely important. Being early means limited work and unless you have money and wish to be a tourist for a short while, don’t arrive in a potential work town prior to the availability of work. Late arrival of course can mean that only limited vacancies are available.

Mobile Phone Coverage

Please be aware that mobile phone coverage is limited in some country areas and access to pay phones is generally not available outside of built up urban areas.

Accommodation is in high demand during the harvest season. Make sure you contact the job agencies before travelling to the area to ensure that arrangements can be made to accommodate you.  Always make it known if you have your own accommodation eg. tent, caravan or camper van.

Public Showers in Young
If you are looking for Shower facilities in Young - you can always freshen up at the Young Tourist Park. The fee for a shower is $4.00 simply report to the reception upon arrival. During the warmer months you can also use the Young Aquatic Centre  Admission is $4.20, you can take a shower in the change rooms and also take a dip in the pool!

No animals or pets are allowed in caravan parks or orchards. Please check ahead if you are travelling with a pet or animal.

During the winter months you will need warm clothing as the nights are extremely cold in our regions. Adverse weather can impact harvesting as some crops cannot be picked wet. If this happens, your income may be affected temporarily. We recommend you bring enough money to cover expenses for approximately two weeks in case picking is delayed. Please note: As harvest conditions can change daily please contact Harvest Labour Agencies to confirm job availability before leaving your current location.

Clothing, Hats & Sunscreen
For your safety, you will be required to wear hard wearing clothing and footwear that will keep you well covered and protected at all times while you are working. Maximum protection against the sun is essential. A suitable broad brimmed hat is essential. You should use a sun screen cream with protection factor of at least 30+. Sunglasses are also highly recommended.

Keep Hydrated & Eat Well
Harvesting crops is demanding work. The days can be long and hot so a good supply of water is vital to prevent dehydration. A large water bottle and a suitable lunch every day is suggested. Eat well, pace yourself and get adequate amounts of rest each night for the days ahead.

Insect Repellent
Insects are very common in our region. Not only can they be annoying while you are picking, they can be venomous and carry diseases. Always use an effective insect repellent and apply it regularly to protect yourself.

Listen & Follow Instructions
Listen carefully. ALWAYS follow the instructions given on the harvest and adhere to all health and safety procedures. Be careful when handling the produce and only harvest what has been specified. If in doubt, please ask!

Special events and things to do:
During the peak fruit picking season there are a number of events for backpackers and working holidaymakers including a weekly Fruit Pickers BBQ. Please contact the Visitor Information Centre for details or click on the Young Event Calendar.

National Cherry Festival - 4th - 6th December 2015

Southern Cross Cinema 

Young Aquatic Centre

People looking for work should contact the below work agencies for more information:

Help Temp Agency

100 Main Street, Young (From mid October 2015)

This office will be open from 7am to 3pm. 7 days a week during the cherry season)

Like their Facebook page for the latest Job Information

Wendy Batinich
Fruit Harvest Australia (Young)

+61 (0)409 912 592