Boorowa Shamrock Trail

The Shamrock trail is an historical walk around the new town, the old town and along the river. 

These trails are depicted on the Shamrock Trail brochure with shamrocks painted on the footpath to lead the way. Each building depicted has a brass plaque with cameo details of the history of the building. These trails are also used in guided tours of Boorowa. Follow the shamrock trails around Historical Boorowa to learn about Boorowa's History. 

  • Trail 1 - stroll the main street - 25 minutes 

  • Trail 2 - Walk around the town - 60 minutes 

  • Trail 3 - Explore Old Burrowa - 75 minutes 

 This is a great way to experience Boorowa's history first hand.

Shamrock Trails Shamrock Trails (367 KB)