Weddin Mountains National Park

The Weddin Mountains National Park is situated 55km north of Young towards Grenfell.  

Any trip to the National Park can’t help but include a scenic drive. On a clear day, the mountains can be seen rising above the landscape from over 50 kilometres away (depending on which direction you’re travelling from). Watching it gradually loom ever closer is one of the real treats of a visit to the park.

Similarly the journey around the base of the mountain enroute to the major visitor destinations such as Holy Camp or Ben Halls Camping Ground and Picnic Area is a striking feature ideally suited to both bicycle and car touring.

Camping and free barbecues are provided for at Ben Halls Camping Ground and Picnic Area in the northwest of the park. Fuzzy box (Eucalyptus conica) is a listed endangered ecological community found around this site and visitors are invited to share in its conservation by enjoying the camping and picnic area while carefully minimising their impact on the community. From the campground or adjacent picnic area you can enjoy a short walk up Basin Gully to Ben Halls Cave or stroll along to Seatons Farm where a series of interpretive signs highlight various points of interest.

Other park highlights include the walk up to the Peregrine and Eualdrie Lookouts accessed from Holy Camp on the north eastern edge of the park or from Ben Halls Camping Ground and Picnic Area.

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